Aseptic processing uses heat to sterilize a product separately from its package. The product and package are then combined in a sterile environment and sealed to prevent the incursion of microorganisms and air. This process allows us to manufacture high-quality, extended-shelf-life products that do not require refrigeration. Learn how Steuben Foods’ industry-leading packaging capabilities can benefit your brand today.  


At our state-of-the-art aseptic packaging facility, Steuben Foods manufactures products that stay fresh longer. Compared to products packaged with conventional hot-fill or retort techniques, aseptic foods and beverages are good for an additional six to twelve months. By going aseptic, you will extend your products’ shelf lives, reducing retailer and consumer waste.  


Shipping and distribution are cheaper with aseptic. Because aseptic foods and beverages remain stable at room temperature, no refrigeration is necessary until after a product is opened. At the same time, aseptic packaging tends to be more compact and lightweight than conventional packages. Shipping and distribution costs drop significantly when you can ship more units at a time and not pay extra for refrigeration. 


Aseptic packaging can help grow your retail, food service, and consumer bases. When a product can be stored and served at room temperature or chilled, it becomes accessible to a greater number of retailers and food vendors. At home, families can stock up on your product knowing that they can store it in the pantry if the refrigerator is full. Meanwhile, consumers can trust that your product will stay fresh and safe when they take it with them to work, school, or on the go.  


We create products that protect the taste, smell, and nutrition of real ingredients. Conventional hot-fill and retort techniques heat products to an extreme temperature for an extended period, destroying their flavor and nutritional value. At Steuben Foods, our aseptic process heats products for just a few seconds. This way, we capture the natural properties of high-quality ingredients. 


With aseptic you can avoid using the ingredients that consumers dislike. During aseptic packaging, we seal products in a sterile environment. Neither air nor bacteria can get in, so products remain stable and fresh without preservatives.  


Aseptic is an eco-friendly packaging method that can help your brand meet its sustainability goals. In addition to package recycling formats offered by Tetra and SIG, we make recyclable aseptic bottles containing up to 30% post-consumer recycled materials. By manufacturing your products in our Elma plant, which is powered by renewable hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls, Steuben Foods can contribute to your brand’s conservation effort. 

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