At our vertically integrated manufacturing facility, we handle every stage of production, from research and development to shipping and distribution. Other companies will handle only one of these stages. By partnering with Steuben Foods, you’ll have a dedicated team of experts helping you at every step of the process.

The graphic below will help you understand how our manufacturing process works. If you are interested in seeking employment at Steuben, check out job openings in these departments.

Milk Plant

Our milk plant receives raw milk from dairy farms. Here, milk is pasteurized so that it is safe for use in dairy products.


Our blending facility mixes ingredients to make an array of products including dairy and plant-based formulations.


Processing is where blended products are sterilized. Products are heated to high temperatures for a short time, ensuring that foods and beverages are free of microorganisms.


Filling is a sterile environment where products are introduced to packages and sealed for consumers to open.


The warehouse stores products and arranges for shipping to destinations around the globe.


Our lab evaluates raw ingredients and finished products. This team solves issues during production to ensure the output of quality products.

Quality Assurance

QA works to keep our process and facility up to regulatory standards.


Maintenance preventatively services complex aseptic manufacturing equipment.

Human Resources

HR safeguards the employee experience at Steuben.

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